The Path of Least Resistance

Day 139

It is as though summer decided that yesterday was the day – and though for Maryland it is a few days late, it has come with a vengeance, and the whole humidity thing.  Totally enervating.  It happened so quickly that I just can’t wrap my head around closing the house and surrendering to air conditioning for the season – not yet.  Maybe tonight.  But the only reason any of it applies to the guitar project is that in this heat it is virtually impossible (for me) to even consider moving to a big project.  So I built a guitar out of what took the least amount of movement from my desk – and fortunately, for me, there is always something there.  I’ve been working a lot with the music lately, so instruments and bits of them are nearby…and all things related.

Now, because I’m absolutely certain that you want to know, here are links to some of the things I’ve been working on…

139_365 Guitars

Know it When You See It

Day 138

I am wandering around this morning in my usual mode, waiting for lightning to strike and a guitar to magically appear, all the while holding in reserve the “lagniappe” extra guitar that is to accompany today’s entry.  Then it occurred to me that since I woke up thinking about these, maybe I need to focus on them instead.  I have posted other people’s guitars, at least in part, before, and this one is just too good to pass up.  138a_365 Guitars

I’m old enough to remember when skateboards came out.  I lived in the country, so the notion of riding one of these things in my driveway, or, more to the point, my brother doing this was pretty much out of the question.  Then, sort of half way on the periphery, I noted that they had become equipment in extreme sport, and later, an episode of CSI.  I went to my friend’s house recently and saw one the kids had left in the driveway that had been driven over.  In total, this defined skateboard for me.

I’d like to think that if I had a skateboard lying around here someplace I would have seen a guitar in it, but I can’t swear that I would have.  (Says the woman who finds guitars in a pile of dog toys.)  But really, a playable, rock it out guitar?  How cool is that?  I love the minds that put this together… – the folks at Aardvark Ingenuity.  I’d love to have one of these…just because they are this combination of well, all that might even sort of be awesome about recycling.  You are now witness to the only time I will ever wish I had a skateboard.  Wicked.

Festiva Maxima

I love peonies.  I think I’ve said that before.  They are blowzy and excessive and so lightly fragrant as to almost not be, and cutting five can fill a vase.  I have them in a wide variety of colors and forms, and I bring them into the house, stopping only to shake out ants and lighting bugs.  They don’t last long enough, either in the house or in the garden, but they come back and bloom every year – forever.  This particular one, Festiva Maxima, was given to me by a woman who is a long time friend and whom I greatly admire.  I get to think of her every time it blooms.   Ephemeral and perennial.  No dichotomy there…  I look forward to peony time.  Seasonal is good.  Ooohhh – I have strawberries for breakfast…  137_365 Guitars

A Most Excellent Beverage

Day 136

A gift from a student, who is from Hong Kong, rosebud tea was something that I had not experienced.  It was lovely – delicate and fragrant as I might have imagined it to be, had I really given much thought to people making tea from rosebuds.  I hadn’t.  But it seemed a shame to just empty the spent tea into the compost with so much lovely color still remaining…  136_365 Guitars

Memorabilia and Remembering

Day 135

My German visitor has gone home.  But one of our last items of business was to get her back to the bookstore where she could buy momentos that would freshen her memory of the time she spent studying in this country.  Further, she needed to buy some for a friend of hers who also studied here and who is also living back in Germany.  So off we went to wade through a dazzling array of trinketry celebrating all things Washington College.

135_365 Guitars



This is the momento that means the most to me.  My friend and mentor was a pilot in WWII.  He gave this to me, and the gift of his time and his stories.  I understand the power of momentos.  I understand the way you can weave associations and memory around a small thing.  I understand the long reaching effects of mentoring.  I understand paying it forward.  I understand remembering.  Someone asked me if it wasn’t disrespectful to wear Army Air Corps wings like jewelry.  I think not.  That same person was treated to my memories of a great man, in the way that I will tell his stories to anyone who asks.  I wear his wings so that he, and all he did will not wash away in time.  It is my small salute.  Happy Memorial Day…be grateful.


Reverse the Image

Day 133

Working on the scratch board sort of took me to a black and white pen and ink drawing.  I’m not really very good with black and white.  There were colored pens in the room.  I know I should have been more  dedicated and on point, perhaps, but I dont’ really do that well, now do I?  So I spent the time instead playing with options…I do like to play with options.  I maybe should have cropped the photo a little better, but I rather like the frame of fallen blossoms – viburnum and fragrant.  Love all those textures.

133_365 Guitars

Variations on a Theme

Day 132

132_365 Guitars  I had intended to do a totally different guitar from silly string…so I went to the dollar store to get my materials and bought a can of every color (there are six).  But, as it turns out, a dollar’s worth of silly string goes nowhere, so using my grass cuttings guitar, I enhanced what already existed.  It actually worked better than anticipated, and came with a lesson.  If I want to do a silly string guitar, I need to spend a whole lot more money.  My fear, of course, is that if I go in and buy a couple of cases of this stuff that any silly string action by vandals in the area will result in a visit from the police.  What a waste of resources for the county.  I wonder if I should register that guitar somewhere…

When Memory Fails…

Day 131

Cindy swears I gave this to her – I cannot recall doing so.  A small plastic guitar charm – now where would I have gotten it, and why?  It would have had to have been at least three years ago, long before 365 Guitars…oh no!  A precursor, a prequel!  I hate that word.  First known use in 1972.  1972 was not a great year.  Lots of really bad things happened, the most benign of which may have been the second Cod War between Iceland and the UK.  I’m sure that in fishing circles in either Iceland or the UK that was a bad thing too.  I just don’t know much about it.  So I will focus on prequel.  A bad thing.  But as of now, prequel is also associated in my head with cheap, shine dipped plastic charms shaped like guitars.  Sent to Germany years ago, and now returned…like a salmon, or perhaps…a cod.  Agh!  131_365 Guitars

Endless Iterations

Day 130

Still moving through the German materials – this one just makes me laugh.  It makes me laugh every time I use it – as it happens, it is actually quite useful.  Non-stick and wide enough to flip a sandwich.  And I laugh.  Grilled cheese has never had it so good.  130_365 Guitars