Mighty Oaks

Day 109

If “mighty oaks from acorns grow,” from whence come acorns?  I walked up to get the mail – between the rows of sawtooth oaks, kicking my way through the fallen blossoms – oh yes, the oaks are in bloom.  It didn’t take long to find a guitar in all of that.  There was a twist, though, that in the course of taking the photos, I heard something off to my left in the grass.  I live on the farm.  There are critters.  It is worth being aware of them.  It sounded a bit like a kitten.  When I finally located the source of the sound it turned out to be a raccoon kit – I’d say maybe two weeks old, abandoned.  Trust me.  I checked for a nest in the tree above me, I looked for the mother to be lurking on the edge of the field.  My guess is that this little one was separated during a move in the night, and lost.  After about ten minutes, I approached it and picked it up.  It was cold – not dangerously so, but had been there awhile.  Oh my goodness…every instinct kicked in when it nestled against me to get warm.  I rubbed it’s back and it started to purr.  Yeah, I’m a sucker for baby animals, and this one was adorable.  So yes, I carried it up to the house.  I put a hot water bottle in a box and wrapped the baby in a couple of shop towels and called my friend who does raccoon rescue.  Live in the country long enough, you know people like this.  By the time my friend arrived, the baby was warm and sleeping.  The call back report was that she is healthy and eating and quite content in her new environment.  A happy ending, and a guitar.  A good day 🙂  109_365 Guitars

109a_365 Guitars

In situ

Safe and warm

Safe and warm


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