Why Guitar?

Kirsten Live

Day 113

Kirsten Beside Herself

Beside herself

  If I sometimes wonder why I allow a guitar to lead me around every day, I come back again and again to the same answer – because it can.  Where it led me today was out to a little local fair where Kirsten Thien made an appearance – all the way from NEW YORK CITY, y’all!  As usual, she was awesome – playing for the small crowd as though she was playing a stadium.  She is a consumate performer (come to think of it, I’m not really sure what that means, except that she is all pro) and the music was pure joy.  Monday she releases her first live album, recorded in Germany during her recent European tour.  If you haven’t heard of her, go to her website – kirstenthien.com.  If you love the blues, you’ll be pleased.  And as good as she is, still she will make an appearance “back home” for her uncles…she’s so cool.  Seriously, go to her website on Monday and get the album.  Sure, you’ll have to battle me for space, but it will be worth it.

The painting was a surprise for Kirsten from Ronn Akins – who has been a fan since early on in her career.  It was fun to be there when he gave it to her – she was touched and pleased and a little shy about it – delightful.  Or Delicious, if you like.  Go ahead.  Go to her website.  Then you will understand.   See the portrait:  ronnakins.com  Ronn Akins, North Pointe Images

No, it does not hurt my feelings one little bit that she is following 365 Guitars.  That was my big surprise and treat today 🙂

Kirsten and the Band 4 May 2013

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