Real Life

Day 116

One of the more interesting aspects of a project like this is the access you are granted – in homes, in businesses and in random moments.  The response has been great as people get into the spirit of finding a guitar in anything – and everything.  This random collection of things is from behind the counter of a retail business where the realities of retail are kept handy.  The paper towels and glass cleaner, the chocolate tin from Valentine’s Day that hasn’t quite found a final destination, and the basket of assorted parts and bits-that-become-important-the-day-after-they-are-thrown-away.

Now, on another note, 365 Guitars has been named for a very cool award from the most excellent blogger Sounds Like Orange.  I am very happy to know that getting in and paying attention where attention is due is the basis for an award – as I have no end of opinions.  I love comments on my blog and love to respond by getting in and talking to others about what they are doing.  In accordance with all the rules, I have laid everything out in a new page, if you’d be so kind as to visit the page titled We Are Family.  There are links there to 10 other folks who regularly amuse and inspire me.  Check them out.

116_365 Guitars


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