Day 118

It may be true that too much indulgence is an enemy to creativity – or it may be entirely wrong.  It may also be true that this is not my most inspired guitar, but it is certainly one of the more inspiring…I went last night to a combination wine and chocolate tasting hosted by John Malin and his wife Trish.  John was the head scientist for Mars Corporation so there was a liberal dose of actual information about the agronomy, structure, history and benefits of theobroma cacao.  Seriously people.  If someone told me when I 118_365 Guitarswas seven that you could be a scientist in charge of chocolate research – wouldn’t I have looked more closely at the sciences?  You want more women in science?  Get the word out.

This guitar, made from plates of chicken with mole poblano sauce was the only savory dish we sampled last night and was delicious.  It was also the only thing that lasted long enough to get a photo…and not a moment longer.  Oh, what a night.


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