Something Prehistoric This Way Comes

Day 121

Just about sundown I happened to look out the front door…and racing across the yard was a turtle.  As much as that seems like a non sequitur, this thing was making tracks – moving from the field back to the pond, I’m guessing, at least heading that way.  I opened the door and it stopped.  I suppose holding still is a good defensive strategy.  Pulling most everything into the shell seemed like a good idea, but it would appear that the tail is another matter.

Though it lacked the spiked ridge down the back of the shell, I’m pretty sure it was a snapping turtle.  It wasn’t either large or small for its kind, but probably young – I have seen these things in truly monster size, so my guess is that they live forever.  As you  can tell, I don’t know a great deal about them.  But I know they are quick and dangerous so I really don’t mess with them.  However, I like to record the wildlife, so a picture is pretty standard.  It was only in reviewing them that it occurred to me that it looks every bit as much like a guitar as some other things I’ve posted…though it would be a wicked play…  121_365 Guitars


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