A German Influence

Day 125

I have a visitor from Germany.  She follows my blog progress every day.  So it is both touching and not surprising that she arrived with her suitcase loaded with material for 365 Guitars.  I mean, how much fun is that?  So it is likely that the next several guitars will have a distinctly European origin.

As does the one today.  One of the things in the bottomless suitcase was a small container (28 g) of something called “Super Fluffy” Modelling Clay.  It was strange to the hand, odd to work with, and air dries into something that is somewhat flexible and squishy – kind of like one of those industrial floor mats, absent the easy clean shiny surface.  Bits bind instantly together, but it can be pulled and stretched and manipulated for about 15 minutes once it is exposed to air.  I’ve never looked for it here, because I’d never seen it before, but next chance I get I will – I’m going to guess that it comes in a lot of colors as bright as Cindy’s signature green, and I’ll bet that kids love this stuff.  Just in case you know it, or want to, the manufacturer is a Rico Design.

125_365 Guitars


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