The Edge of the Comfort Zone

Day 128

128_365 GuitarsOne of the really great things about having guests is that you take them places you either never go, or go rarely.  Having guests who are younger than you gets you into places you don’t normally go under any circumstance.  One such place, called Underground at the Village Shoppes in Smithville, NJ.  It’s just because I don’t have much call for studded belts and flip flops with skulls, okay?  But I have to say, that going into the shop turned out to be a much broader experience than I might have imagined, with a variety of hand crafted items, many made out of old (hopefully ruined beyond saving BEFORE the transformation) vinyl records.  Various applications of heat and paint make those recordings into a whole lot of other things, it turns out.

So what else is Underground?  It would appear that it is apparel, music, accessories and a bewildering array of things I probably don’t want to fully understand, but mostly it was a much more than I expected – and rendered an outré guitar…


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