When Memory Fails…

Day 131

Cindy swears I gave this to her – I cannot recall doing so.  A small plastic guitar charm – now where would I have gotten it, and why?  It would have had to have been at least three years ago, long before 365 Guitars…oh no!  A precursor, a prequel!  I hate that word.  First known use in 1972.  1972 was not a great year.  Lots of really bad things happened, the most benign of which may have been the second Cod War between Iceland and the UK.  I’m sure that in fishing circles in either Iceland or the UK that was a bad thing too.  I just don’t know much about it.  So I will focus on prequel.  A bad thing.  But as of now, prequel is also associated in my head with cheap, shine dipped plastic charms shaped like guitars.  Sent to Germany years ago, and now returned…like a salmon, or perhaps…a cod.  Agh!  131_365 Guitars

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