Festiva Maxima

I love peonies.  I think I’ve said that before.  They are blowzy and excessive and so lightly fragrant as to almost not be, and cutting five can fill a vase.  I have them in a wide variety of colors and forms, and I bring them into the house, stopping only to shake out ants and lighting bugs.  They don’t last long enough, either in the house or in the garden, but they come back and bloom every year – forever.  This particular one, Festiva Maxima, was given to me by a woman who is a long time friend and whom I greatly admire.  I get to think of her every time it blooms.   Ephemeral and perennial.  No dichotomy there…  I look forward to peony time.  Seasonal is good.  Ooohhh – I have strawberries for breakfast…  137_365 Guitars


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