Know it When You See It

Day 138

I am wandering around this morning in my usual mode, waiting for lightning to strike and a guitar to magically appear, all the while holding in reserve the “lagniappe” extra guitar that is to accompany today’s entry.  Then it occurred to me that since I woke up thinking about these, maybe I need to focus on them instead.  I have posted other people’s guitars, at least in part, before, and this one is just too good to pass up.  138a_365 Guitars

I’m old enough to remember when skateboards came out.  I lived in the country, so the notion of riding one of these things in my driveway, or, more to the point, my brother doing this was pretty much out of the question.  Then, sort of half way on the periphery, I noted that they had become equipment in extreme sport, and later, an episode of CSI.  I went to my friend’s house recently and saw one the kids had left in the driveway that had been driven over.  In total, this defined skateboard for me.

I’d like to think that if I had a skateboard lying around here someplace I would have seen a guitar in it, but I can’t swear that I would have.  (Says the woman who finds guitars in a pile of dog toys.)  But really, a playable, rock it out guitar?  How cool is that?  I love the minds that put this together… – the folks at Aardvark Ingenuity.  I’d love to have one of these…just because they are this combination of well, all that might even sort of be awesome about recycling.  You are now witness to the only time I will ever wish I had a skateboard.  Wicked.


  1. Pretty cool! The good old skateboard times, sigh… my brother still has one! We had so much fun with them when we were kids ^^ I have to tell him about this guitar!

  2. Too bad they don’t have wheels on them! Pretty neat idea though. I too, didn’t have concrete to skateboard on and gravel is very dangerous as I learned! So, yeah guitars are fine by me! Great post

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