The Path of Least Resistance

Day 139

It is as though summer decided that yesterday was the day – and though for Maryland it is a few days late, it has come with a vengeance, and the whole humidity thing.  Totally enervating.  It happened so quickly that I just can’t wrap my head around closing the house and surrendering to air conditioning for the season – not yet.  Maybe tonight.  But the only reason any of it applies to the guitar project is that in this heat it is virtually impossible (for me) to even consider moving to a big project.  So I built a guitar out of what took the least amount of movement from my desk – and fortunately, for me, there is always something there.  I’ve been working a lot with the music lately, so instruments and bits of them are nearby…and all things related.

Now, because I’m absolutely certain that you want to know, here are links to some of the things I’ve been working on…

139_365 Guitars

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