True Confessions

Day 140

I paint every Friday morning.  It isn’t the only morning I paint, but it is the only morning I always paint.  This morning I worked on a couple of small guitar paintings using totally atypical techniques – and they will show up eventually, if not very soon.

A part of this attendance at open studio is the opportunity to paint in a communal group, to give and accept critiques, to exchange ideas and local news – and to eat.  Between Diana and Connie, mostly, we are kept in baked goods that can be washed down with copious amounts of coffee or tea.  This time it was chocolate chip cookies and lemon pound cake.  The cookies are easy hold while you paint – the lemon pound cake was frosted and required a napkin.  The napkin was also handy for cleaning my brush.  The guitar…I have no idea, but over time, I have leaned to put my brush down when something is finished…  140_36r Guitars


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