Seasonal Hot Chocolate

Day 141

For a chocolate bar to cut easily with a cookie cutter, the ambient temperature has to have reached some magic number that has likewise rendered it nearly impossible to eat without smearing.  OK, so I forgot to put the chocolate into the refrigerator.  On the upside, it cuts with a cookie cutter.  Both are from Germany, so I am not over all of that as much as I thought.   Actually, I was considering waiting to eat this chocolate a form of self control.  Then I lost it, which pretty much confirms that I was right.

141_365 Guitars



                                                                                                                                                                                            I saw this item the other day, and thought “Photoshop” until it was followed up with other sightings of                                           lenticular clouds – have never seen them myself, but these, over Yorkshire look like a guitar made out of a stack of pancakes.  I’ll go with that…

Lenticular clouds over West Yorkshire


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