Faded Glory

142a_365 Guitars

Day 142

A few days ago – well, six days ago, I posted Festiva Maxima, the peony guitar that my bloggist friend David thought might make a ball gown.  I went back to clean up the petals from the kitchen counter but the fragrance, almost undetectable in the living flower, filled the room so I left it there to clean later.  I went back to it the next morning and was instantly invested in the idea of leaving it there as long as I could stand it just to see what would happen.  I have finally reached my limit, and the processes of desiccation seems to have stopped as well – it gets a little darker every day, fading from white to ivory and headed toward ochre, but there is little reason to leave it now.  There have been a few dicey moments protecting it, so it is time to move on.  Seriously, I’m going to have to get some of those acetate sheets and laminate some of these things.  As this one dries, it is almost beginning to resemble a woman – but in many respects, a guitar can do that too…

Lagniappe:  I simply could not resist this…from George Takei  Leonard Nimoy

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