Tropical Storm

Day 146

A rainy day suited to blues music and the kind of folk music that ultimately makes you want to jump off a bridge.  Could also be a very productive day, if I take that path, but for now – well…  146_365 Guitars

I used to be a big fan of photo processing – you know, that thing we did in bathrooms that we converted into dark rooms, with tray after tray of chemicals and washes and fishing line festooned with 8×10 glossy creations that might or might not be good.  I loved watching the photo develop – seemingly out of nowhere.  Black and white images of something I thought I saw in some place.  It was a way of connecting to my memories that digital photography simply doesn’t have.  The bad shots, the poor lighting, the images only a really judicious cropping might save at all – and the rare, perfect, astonishing photo that would rise out of the tray like Oz on the horizon.  Oh wow.  I didn’t know how much I missed that feeling.  So I went out this morning with a finger painted panel and threw it in the puddle.  The dogs think I’m daft.  I was hoping to watch it sort of do the opposite – in the light, in the fresh air, in the water, to fade away.  But that goal proved as elusive as the perfect photo in the darkroom.  The paint was too dry, maybe…I should try this again, for pretty much the same reason I would go back to the darkroom.  That ideal image is there somewhere.

Some of that bridge jumping folk music – in case it is also raining where you are…

And this!  I have no idea where this pier is located, but I plucked the photo off of the Facebook page for The Best of the Blues (which is a great page, by the way,if you are into that kind of thing.) If someone can tell me where this is, I want to go there…

Guitar Pier


  1. It does look like it’s shying away from the puddle, like a kid at a picnic holding the ice cream in the bowl, with bee on the edge of the bowl.

    That’s a really interesting idea: reversing photography. Kind of an artistic potlatch. I like it!

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