Recital Season

Day 147

Getting a late start this morning – last night was the “Showcase of Music”  where I take guitar lessons.  Which means, pretty much that right there along with the primary school kids and the middle school kids, a small class of adults had their recital.  It was a hoot.  Ukelele club members, keyboard players, drummers, bassists, guitarists, vocalists – oh my, and yes, Tropical Storm Angela adding the dangerous edge of the possibility that we would have a power outage that would blow all of the electronic equipment.  Just like a real gig…

The program was organized by age groups, and the younger kids were dressed to the nines to play sweet pieces on the piano, flute, and guitar.  That part of the program was orderly and just adorable.  Except for the near wall of smart phones in the audience held to capture it all on video, it was pretty much as recitals have been forever.  Very comforting, that.

147_365 Guitars

The Patsy Cline Pink Guitar – the one I wanted back in February…

As the program edged up in age, more noise was introduced – in a good way.  Drums, horns, bass, more guitars.  (I am simply crazy about the little girl who came with not only the Patsy Cline pink guitar, but a pink ukelele as well.)  The music became more complicated, as it should, and the obvious goodwill of the audience helped alleviate the panic evident on the faces of the musicians.  I am now contemplating the fact that that little girl has probably never even heard of Patsy Cline…

Anyway, if I’m able to get my hands on photos of the event, I will put them up.  In the meantime, you get to live with my commentary.

As the sound of the horns and guitars faded out, four members of the quite healthy local ukelele club came forward dressed in some near approximation of Hawaiian wear and sang song standards that ranged across more decades than I could easily count.  There were fully fledged adults in the crowd who had never heard Tiny Bubbles…but who immediately responded to the obvious fun everyone was having.  I’m willing to bet that the ukelele club gets some new members today.

Then it was our turn.  It was loud, it was fun, the crowd sang along, so if we made a mistake, well, yes, it was pretty much drowned out.  Unlike many a real gig.

As for the creation of a guitar today – yes, I have one.  But the posting of that little painting somehow is overshadowed by the very real reason a guitar is in my life at all – the connection between music and art and music and  people is nonpareil.

Another photo from Best of the Blues…love it…

Guitars in New York

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