View from the Dock

Day 149 

149_365 GuitarsDead low tide.  Exposed clumps of ornamental water plants in the full flush of early summer growth.  It won’t be long before they are sporting bloom and multiplying.  I am wracking my brain to remember which one this is – papyrus or something…I should know.  But stretching away from me at this angle, I could see the form of the guitar quite clearly.  In the photo, oh, maybe not so much.  But it is pouring rain here this morning and the sheer glory of light in this picture makes it necessary to go with it anyway.  If the point of this whole exercise is to get me into the studio and working, then, I need all the cheerfulness I can muster.

And in the meantime, this little gem from Best of the Blues – the actual moment when “Stairway to Heaven” was delivered to humankind…

Sistene Guitar


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