Fuzz Guitar

Day 150

I know that with the title it sounded rather like I had finally made the guitar out of dryer lint, but no – that one is still to come.  I just thought that for the 150th episode I might want something a little more – well, substantial.  So here it is.  I have used guitars for a long time now (well beyond 150) to try out techniques with which I am unfamiliar.  Recently, I watched a video where an artist (Phil Hansen) whose work was very precise and pointillist developed a tremor that was affecting his work.  After tests and meds and what have you, he finally had a neurologist tell him that he should “embrace the shake.”   (http://youtu.be/YrZTho_o_is)  It is a great TED talk and I recommend it.  But it led me to consider a slightly different approach to painting a guitar.  I’m not sure I’ll ever do it again – even a sort of pointillist approach to art rapidly makes me develop a thoroughly un-embraceable lack of interest…leading to all manners of washing and smudging attempts that actually made it turn out to be more interesting than I had anticipated.   Although it is an interesting addition to the Blue Guitar series, it is probably a one-of…150_365 Guitars

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