The Tape and Scissor Solution

Day 152

Every artist faces reality eventually, though it comes in a variety of forms.  For me, preparing for a show in July, I’ve discovered that my favorite format of large banners is only a part of the solution.  First, the lovely space where the work is to hang is more versatile than that, and although the banners are going to look amazing there, I need to be prepared to deal with spaces that are both smaller, and larger.  Hence, I need to strategize reality to avoid looking like a one trick pony – the second great fear of my existence.  The first is mediocrity, but that is another story.

I am forced to also deal with the reality that people may fall mad in love with my work but have neither the space nor the resources for the larger pieces.  I’d very much like to see those fine folks able to get in there and get something if they must.  I’d very much like that – and I know, I’m repeating myself.  I will do it again if tempted.  But, the dilemma becomes how do I do that without getting in my own way?

I like to paint large.  I need to paint small.  I need to think.  I need to think Volkswagen repair.  My first Volkswagen Beetle, circa 1964, could be repaired with duct tape and a pair of nail scissors.  Yes.  This problem too can be solved with tape and scissors.  Blue Guitar Series, happy artist.  I like it.  I like them.  A total of eight paintings of various sizes.  Yes, I actually think this way.  I wonder if I should be afraid?

152b_365 Guitars      152a_365 Guitars


  1. Your dilemma is familiar. On the one hand, you want to be true to your art, your sense of what represents your vision. On the other hand, you want your art to be accessible. The same discussions happen in my own artistic household where Dana loves making the intricate dense pieces, but also wants to have something simple that still works for her vision.

    This is when it’s good to be more into words, because they’re the same words, the same art, in any size/shape/color. I’ll leave the dilemma to you more tangible artists!

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