Oh, Dear. Look What I Found!

Day 155

I am against a deadline.  For me, this is a very, very good thing.  Given over to my own devices, I am in the running for champion procrastinator – and a là the Sweet Potato Queens, I think the position either comes with a crown, or perhaps one of those belts like boxers get – which are, all thing considered, just rodeo belt buckles for punching people instead of ‘dogies’.  The long and the short of that explanation is that I am spending a lot of hours in the studio.  But did you notice how many words are being expended before I go there this morning?  Anyway, in the course of actual work, I happened to glance up where my eyes met with a glaring example of a guitar – sort of the same way it would have done with those “find the object” games in Highlights for Children when you look away and then back to the page.  Down side of that association:  dentist office as a kid.  Upside, lemon drops at the penny candy counter at the 5 and Dime across the street from the dentist while my gum was still numb and mostly what I could do was point and wave money.  It was a simpler time.  155_365 Guitars

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