Waste Not, well, Waste Not

Day 157

Yesterday’s hydrangea arrangement took a little bit of leaf stripping to accomplish – and yet, if you stop to look at the leaves themselves, they are beautiful.  Slightly serrated, deeply veined, of varied color, and a lovely texture.  It was hard to just toss them away without giving them a moment of appreciation.  The flowers are so showy that you can lose sight of the fact that for the majority of the time, the leafed plants are what actually masque the foundation, and ornament other parts of the garden.  A moment, if you will…

157_365 Guitars

Do you remember the raccoon kit I found out on the driveway awhile ago?  I went to visit him last night in his new digs.  Even though it seems apparent that he might have sustained some developmental damage in his 20′ fall as a baby, he is having no trouble negotiating his foster care.  At some point he will go to live in the woods, but he seems to be in no particular hurry…

Monkey Bear


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