It’s Good to Get Out

Day 160

I was playing in a bakery again yesterday.  I was wandering around the Country Market in Middletown, Delaware – which everyone just refers to as the Amish Market.  It is actually a large building filled with many small businesses in an open floor plan.  You go

160_365 Guitars

from one purveyor to another, gathering your dairy, meat, vegetables, roasted chicken, candy, furniture, bird feeders, and decoupaged decorative objects into a single cart, paying as you go.  No central checkout.  My friend Sally is getting ready for a trip to the beach so she was stocking up.  I was really only along for the ride.  It is not my fault that there, in the pulsing heart of the Country Market, Annie Zook and her industrious crew at A&R Bakery are churning out bread and cookies and whoopie pies and muffins and all things grand and glorious.  We were there early.  Everything was still warm from the oven.  It was a hallelujah moment.

Coconut custard.  It’s a weakness.  I was really only going to take the picture and walk away.  I obtained permission first.  OK, I only bought one.   It was still warm…

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