It Is Also Good to Be Home

Day 161

I actually have a number of guitars to choose from this morning, but until I go to the saved images I’m not sure which of them appeals to me.  My head is wrapped around miracles this morning, in fact, a specific miracle that leaves me grateful and just sort of shaking my head.

I have a lovely studio.  I like to paint large.  I have adapted to paint flat because large canvasses require a structure to hold them – the really big studio easel.  I have always coveted one – pouring through the catalogs looking at these things that look a little like you could load rocks on them an storm a castle…  Anyway, I must have done two things of which I was unaware.  1.  Put a studio easel on my cosmic wish list, (ok, I knew about that one) and 2. Done something really, really good.

Yesterday I got a call from a friend who wanted to know if I was home.  Yes I was – winding up a full day of work in the studio and was looking forward to a bowl of popcorn and a glass of wine.  So Katie asks if I’d like an easel – she had one in the back of her car.  First rule in a question like that?  Answer yes.  A display easel comes in really, really handy more often than you can imagine.  So when she arrives and starts to unload this thing – I was totally unprepared.  There, under a layer of dirt and mildew is THE easel.  In this case, a Solid Oak Classic Santa Fe 1 Handcrafted with Pride by BEST, Albuquerque, NM 10300 – for that is what the tag reads.  It may not be the largest in the world, but for my world, a maximum image size of 96″ is a really, really wonderful thing.

We have a local auction here every week.  Things that don’t sell are left on the field and just sort of go away after the sale.  This was left on the field.  Bennett picked it up and Katie thought of me.  I have so much to be grateful for.  This is an awesome universe.


But a guitar.  Yes, I can now choose a guitar.

Shopping the other day I was in the fruit section.  It was almost too easy, but I really was actively hunting – well, avocados and a guitar.  I like this one.  There is yet another to come from it, I think, as the watermelon just had to come home with me.

So mostly this post is about gratitude.  Actually, I have to admit to being grateful every day that I am able to come up with a guitar.  Sometimes, the universe offers more.  It is worth noting.

161_365 Guitars


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