Day 163

Yes, of course I was looking for something else.  Having put these bits and pieces away years ago, it seems unlikely that I would be tearing the studio apart looking for them when there are far more immediate answers to seek.  But there, obviously in the drawer that also holds the sumi-e  brushes (the really good ones that I am saving for delicate work) and a few odds and ends, was this jewelry bag full of the collected remnants of a gilded bronze reliquary.  Someone with really good tools and much more patience than I had cut it up – I don’t know, thinking they could use the center section for something?  It has lovely cherubs on it – but wow.  Cutting bronze is no small matter.  The fact remains as well, that even after all of that effort, it still looks like a reliquary.  I think I will leave it out for awhile.  See what inspiration it gives me…

163_365 Guitars


  1. For every story you share, there are at least three other stories only hinted at. Some day, it would be so fun to just follow you around and ask questions. What ‘delicate work’? Why do you have the bits of a reliquary butchered by someone else? What makes a multi-media artist (i.e. someone not constrained to just ‘visual’) decide what to pursue.

    • It’s true. Almost everything is a part of something else – life is strangely interconnected that way. As to why I have a reliquary at all, let alone in bits, I cannot say. I acquire things. I frequently have no good reason for doing so. Delicate work? Outline drawings maybe, detail work maybe. Anything that would demand a very sharp brush point saturated in ink…I guess. As for the process of deciding what to do each day – I have no mechanism for boredom. I do each day what feels right for the day. Sometimes this is a nap. I actually wonder what it would be like to have someone interview me through the course of a day. I have the sense we would all wind up a little dizzy.

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