Sea Glass

Day 164

I have a box of odd bits here and there (or everywhere, it could be said) and one of them contains sea glass that I have acquired over time. I have to admit that I am not an especially dedicated beach walker or glass hunter, so some of it I have gathered myself, and some has been given to me. The pieces I have collected myself typically come from a significant place – reminders of vacations or random stops along the way. Pieces that are given to me are more complicated. Always, always I keep them because they come from a person of some note, and sometimes, just to add to their significance, they come from someplace special. Like the sea glass from Murano. A friend returned from a trip to Venice with a bag of glass her daughter collected on the island of Murano. How cool is that? Some of it is just interesting – some is really beautiful…

164_365 Guitars


  1. Yes…one of my favorites as well! Not only is it beautiful, but 1) I love sea glass being an avid fan of beach walking & searching for treasures 2) Murano…fabulous 3) Venice & Italy…well, what’s not to love ? 😉 Wrap that all up with your talent, passsion and creativity and you’ve got a winner!

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