In the Summertime…

Day 165

A milestone of sorts, if milestones can be counted in the reverse – only 200 more guitars to do.  Who could have known that I would ever put that string of words together, but it is how I see it – ONLY 200 more days to go.

165_365 Guitars

So here it is, summer.  I cannot, honestly cannot tell if it rained last night or if the humidity is just laying in puddles on the front porch this morning.  Air conditioning the house to a comfortable temperature and moisture level has the windows totally fogged over.  I do not check the weather channel to discover the temperature at 5:30 a.m.  I can’t do anything about it, and these other indicators really give me all the information I need.  It is uncomfortable.

But, I keep saying, summer has it’s advantages.  For someone like me who much prefers cooler temperatures, those advantages on the Eastern Shore of Maryland may be somewhat obscure, but I am an optimist, overall.  Advantage, fresh fruit.  I’ll take that.

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