Fresh from the Reserve

Day 166

Remember a little while ago when the kids came to dinner and guitars began to magically happen?  I have held most of them in reserve for just this moment – when I was out too late to possibly be able to function on a creative level this early in the morning.  So today I present to you Whole Wheat Penne Pasta Guitar.

166_365 Guitars

Not that last night wasn’t about guitars.  The local open mic brings out the singers, the poets, the ukeleles, and the guitars.  It is a lot of fun, and from serious classical guitar through new players, there is a range of talent and ability that makes you understand that the appeal of the instrument does not wane.  In a way, I guess, the photo I found on Best of the Blues captures an aspect of the guitar – that whole dream-boat thing…  1000688_557408757630847_986314077_n

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