Circumventing Good Intention

Day 171

Since that party last week I have been resisting throwing bacon in the oven smothered in brown sugar and cayenne pepper – until I figured out that it would be a legitimate endeavor if I shaped it into a guitar first.  What was I thinking?  Of course, now it had to be done.  And then I had to make two guitars because well – because I had a pound of bacon and couldn’t see putting any of it away.  When I ran out of the brown sugar, cayenne pepper and maple syrup mixture with the first one, I was left with a bare naked bacon guitar.  With a little fast thinking, I sprinkled it with cayenne and poured maple syrup over it.  I threw them both in the oven.  Now all I have to do is wait for them to cool and I can conduct a of scientific taste comparison.  Oh yes, this entire project is about art and science.  I will repeat this to myself – probably until the last piece is gone.

I painted a triptych yesterday – I guess I’m kind of into the form…

171_365 Guitars

171d_365 Guitars171c_365 Guitars171e_365 Guitars171b_365 Guitars171a_365 Guitars


    • I asked and promptly forgot – something, brown sugar, cayenne, something – maybe maple syrup…but hey, there’s only so wrong that you can go with that combination – and I have to tell you – mine is a whole lot more sticky, but has TOTALLY replaced sticky buns as an opportunity to break bad. On a toasted baguette this stuff is criminal…

  1. Excellent! I think people are afraid of cayenne sometimes, but it really blends with the brown sugar & maple… gonna have to do this.

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