Oh, So Random

Day 173

It is still early – pre dawn, actually, but light enough to see the herd of deer running across the front lawn.  I checked, the dogs aren’t out there, so something else has them moving like that – not panicky, but graceful and fast.  I’ve seen 13 so far, which could be all of them, could be the tail end of the herd, or there could be more to come.  They have their summer coats, a color somewhere between ripe wheat and dried corn stalks which against this verdant, rain soaked world of green stands out like a light show.  The youngest still have spots.  It is a treat to see them.

But what of a guitar this morning?  Truthfully?  I spent most of yesterday writing a new song and dashing between raindrops to get photos of paintings I’m putting into a show next week.  So I’m going to pull the equivalent of drunk dialing a guitar – go back to that night when the kids came and created guitars out of everything they could lay hands on.  In this case, they were playing in the can of foreign coins I keep in the kitchen.  Never know when you might need a peseta or a Euro to weight a pie crust – no I’m not serious.  I have no idea how it landed in the kitchen.  And I have no idea why a quarter landed in there – I’m sure I’ve fed that to a meter somewhere since then…

173_365 Guitars

And the song?  https://soundcloud.com/userbp4063578/happily-ever-after

And in the first edit – by request, the painting:


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