Tales From the Archive

Day 177

Even laying on a beach sipping Piña Coladas my kids are helping me out this morning – another of the dinner party guitars, this one is bailing me out on a very, very busy Monday morning.  Toothpicks.  Seriously.  Now, I’ve been seeing this commercial about a guy (sorry, advertiser, but I have no idea what he’s selling) who was laid off from work and started building cathedrals and what all else from toothpicks.  “Toothpicking” he calls it.  The work is spectacular.  This guitar, however, well, not so much, but it is done, it is ready and the kids did it to help me.  I love it.  Perhaps in winter when things are less hectic, I will consider toothpicks again from a different perspective.  “Toothpicking” a guitar would be a different animal – but quite possibly too intense to hold my attention – I would probably wind up posting one that looks sort of deconstructed…abstracted, even.  Yes, I can see that.   177_365 Guitars

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