Designer Residue

Day 179

A side effect of being an interior designer – even a sometimes designer like I am is that you gather samples.  People like to see and touch materials that will go into their spaces, and people like options.  So inevitably, samples pile up.  Now, yes, the logical thing would be to discard the excess, but I’m not sure which part of that works least for me – discard or logic.  Excess, now yes, that works.

Anyway, tile is a whole new world.  Glass and stainless steel and copper and ceramics shaped like stones – and stones, for that matter.  It is an interesting collection.  179_365 Guitars


  1. This reminds me of those stop-action animated things, maybe even on Sesame Street, where pieces would wander around to wacky music and accidentally form funny shapes. Your guitar even has the required smile. I love it!

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