Seasonal Favorites

Day 181

We are in the midst of a thunder storm that has interrupted my satellite service – one of the less favorite parts of the summer season.  But it is all part and parcel of the season and must be taken along with the good.  It did, however, prevent me from getting onto the net at my usual hour…a frustrating experience.

So this morning I have a guitar made from actual summer favorites.  There is nothing quite like a fresh tomato salad – sliced tomatoes, chopped onions, grated Locatelli, and chopped basil covered with a dressing made from olive oil, herbs de Provence (or whatever fresh herbs there are on hand) salt, pepper and a little sugar.  Really, it is not a secret recipe – I’m not good with keeping secrets, but people will make the trek all the way out here for the salad.  As with anything, though, it is about seasonal and fresh…  So here it is, a tomato salad, as my Gran would say, “on the hoof.”  181_365 Guitars


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