Holding Back the Dark

Day 182

Holding Back the Dark

Holding Back the Dark

182_365 GuitarsActually, back in the days before 365 Guitars, when I would fall prey to the certainty that I was all painted out and that I would never have a decent idea for another painting, ever, I did a painting called Holding Back the Dark – to which I still refer from time to time.  A metaphor for depression, of course, it also comes to mind when I suffer a sleepless night, as I did last night.  For whatever reason, I held back the dark all the way through to morning, which means that this morning is a veritable symphony of efficiency as I perform my various chores on autopilot.  Cats are fed, dogs are fed, water bowls filled, coffee made and breakfast coming.  Meanwhile, I have also fed the peacocks, doubling up on that with creating a guitar from the dog food they eat and the lids of the garbage cans in which I keep it.  By the way, I have no idea what one is officially supposed to feed peacocks, but they have survived over 20 years on dog food, so I’m going with that…

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