Lilies of the Fields

185_365 Guitars

Day 185

Yesterday was hot, hazy, humid, and sunny.  It is the sunny that was especially welcome.  We have had an unusually wet summer to date and it was nice to have a ‘normal’ summer’s day.  I ran errands, I felt productive.  It was nice.  Dropping something off at my friends’ house, I was treated to the offer of flowers cut from the yard.  At Jim and Betta’s this is never a usual kind of thing, so it is easy to accept.  So I cam home with two four foot stalks of Oriental Lily “Scheherazade.”  I had to lay them down on the deck to fetch up a vase large enough for them and, well, of course they became a guitar.  An especially gorgeous one, if you ask me.  Couldn’t pass it up.

Later, I caught the last of the sunset over my own daylily beds…with the woods on fire (or so it would appear) beyond.  Couldn’t pass that up either…185a_365 Guitars


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