Pulling the Stops

Day 193

I’m jamming out to this really great keyboard jazz in the headphones and I find my fingers sort of playing the keyboard in time…it is a very weird feeling that I scarcely noticed – well, until I did.  Rickard From of Sweden on SoundCloud:   I should do this more often 🙂

We’ve had a couple of really vicious thunder storms lately, but in the aftermath, there have been interesting things emerge – like this bit of unorchestrated guitarary…  193_365 Guitars


    • Although I very much appreciate “gelatinous goo” and will actively seek some out…you are in fact looking at a properly patina-ed concrete bird bath that is situated cheek by jowl with an entirely too cute for life but-it-was-a-gift concrete rabbit sculpture of a like scale. Basically, to define proper patina in this context, think, too much rain: growing things….

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