Does Anybody Really Know?

Day 196

….What time it is?  Does anybody really care?

So the lyric came to me as I’m rattling about looking for a guitar this morning, after an evening when I tried to find a watch that works…time, for whatever reason, has been relatively important to me always, or so it would appear.  I must have forty wristwatches, all but one of which could not tell me the time if I begged them because since I use my cell phone for everything, including time of day, I have let the batteries…expire, shall we say…in all the rest.  The one dinosaur that I own that winds up is only rarely wound or worn – I mean, it is an almost holy relic that says “Good luck from Hoppy” on the back…an original Hopalong Cassidy wristwatch with William Boyd on the face.  Hmmm.  I have to rethink my weakness for certain types of characters.  This may be deeper than I think.  Anyway, yeah, well.  Guitar time (oh no!)  196_365 Guitars

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