A Practice Run

Day 198

David loves cherry juice.  David frequently pours himself a glass and drinks almost all of it.  David then walks away from the rest.  I wish I could say David is ten.  David is not ten.  However, rather than grouse about having to pick up and pour out the tiny remnants and put the glass in the dishwasher, this morning it occurred to me that the black ants that seem to be everywhere did not find the cherry juice.  Hallelujah.  However, if I take that same juice out to the garage and lay a trail – I bet I could have a black ant guitar in a heartbeat.  But can I make a cherry juice guitar?  Apparently, yes I can.  Now to transfer this to the garage floor and see what happens.  But this one – it is just in case the grand plan doesn’t work… 198_365 Guitars


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