Stupid Pet Tricks

Day 199

OK, I think the ant experiment can be called a failure.  Perhaps if I had made the guitar on my actual kitchen counter – I’m pretty sure that would have been a hit among the antsy crowd.  Pouring one out right next to their established trail in the garage however?  You would have thought that I’d opened a poorly lit cafe in a shady neighborhood and not advertised.  So far, it seems to be frequented by a few, but they are doubtless young and foolhardy enough to believe that they will live forever.  And even those few seem to be using it this morning as a jogging path…I had a friend offer to send me the ants that have encamped in her kitchen on the west coast, and I boldly told her that since the heraldic crest for the farm is currently an Ant Rampant on a Field of Kitchen Counter that it was unlikely that I’d need to import a bunch of grunge hippie ants from Washington State.  I may have been wrong.  At least they would see the irony and congregate long enough to clean up the free eats.

So what I’m left with looks a little like a guitar crime scene – and from the looks of things, that’s going to persist awhile…until I get out there with a bucket and scrub it up…

199a_365 Guitars

New, fresh, ready

199c_365 Guitars

This morning

199b_365 Guitars

After and hour – what is that in ant time? Like a week?


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