Start of the Moult

Guitar TornadoDay 200

OK, I’ll get to mine in a minute, but this is just so cool – I have to make the trip out to Seattle anyway…so now there is even more reason.  A guitar tornado?  Yes!  EMP – Experience Music Project, named for the band of native son Jimi Hendrix

200_365 Guitars

sounds like just the destination for me…oh, yes, and I can see my friends and family while I’m there.  Wow.  Sounds like a plan.  Then I can get a better picture of this…perfect storm…

Some time ago I had this notion to do a guitar from garden sun hats.  I chose a day when the monsoons had set in and it was not only wet, but cold.  Capricious spring.  So that day there was a guitar fashioned from something else – rain hats, maybe, or perhaps dog leashes.  Anything but sun hats.  Today it is clear that I had to wait until moulting time for the perfect compliment to the hats – the collection of feathers picked up on my way out to the studio this morning.
Living on a farm has its perks and pleasures, but also cyclical responsibilities.  Things in nature happen on a pretty rigid schedule, and the end of July/first of August is when the peacocks randomly distribute their trains all over the place.  I think of it as an exercise program of sorts – walk three feet, bend, retrieve feather, repeat.  It isn’t heavy lifting, but there can be any number of reps.  With three male birds, I’m serious.  Any number.  Heaven forfend that they stand in a place and eject the train in a tidy heap.  No, I get to sleuth along behind them, following a trail that often makes me say, “Really?  They came out here?”  I enjoy it, mostly, but feel obliged by beauty to collect every single one.  I’ve been obliged by worse.

200a_365 Guitars

Preview of coming attractions…


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