The Lady of the Lake

Day 205

I like to paint large, extravagant paintings where I toss around paint – literally toss paint around.  I do this in my studio, and outside my studio where the splash zone is acceptable and expected.  When I paint in other people’s studios, I do quite different work, sometimes testing a technique, sometimes just doodling during discussions of any number of topics.  A sort of “cabbages and kings” approach to conversation that rarely leads anywhere near Kardashians or politics.

So it happened that conversation turned to geothermic events and the colors of the sunset thousands of miles removed from volcanic eruptions in Iceland or the Philippines.  Which led naturally enough to how those colors reflect in water, whereupon my small canvas began to acquire some of those colors.  Then discussion turned to Arthurian myth or history, depending on your bent, and a guitar began to emerge from the depths of my sky-reflected-in-water.  I guess it is all to be expected out here in the country where we are still practicing the art of conversation.  Imagine!  All of this done with actual spoken words, eye contact, and without Google or texting!  Exhilarating!  205_365 Guitars

Speaking of magic – it is bloom time for what are called locally “Naked Ladies.”  Others call them “Surprise Lilies” and other things, I suppose, but I have always loved that they are “Naked Ladies” here.  I really don’t know the botanical name, and am far too lazy this morning to research it, but they are lilies (I think!) that put out quite a lot of extravagant foliage about the same time as the tulips and daffodils.  That foliage dies away entirely, leaving you to wonder if the bulbs are gone.  Then, months later, tall, sturdy stalks rise from the ground and glorious crowns of delicate pink blooms emerge without leaf or embellishment.  Yes, they are surprising, but it is naked splendor that sets them apart.  Quite beautiful.

205a_365 Guitars


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