Day 107

I’m from Seattle.  I love words.  However, I really have spent no time at all chasing down the etymology of the various terms I have used to refer to an umbrella.  I don’t even know where I learned them.  Bumbershoot, brolly, gamp, parapluie…yes, I think that’s about all I can lay claim to, though I’m guessing there are more, and maybe even many more.  then, of course, there are the parasols – which always bring to mind laced confections held by women in frothy frocks to shield tender complexions from the brutal southern sun.  I wonder what sunblock factor that was – and I marvel that so many years ago folks knew enough to take precautions – even without tv ads comparing skin to frying bacon.  Alright.  I’m rambling a bit this morning.  (Not so much “stream” of consciousness as perhaps “drizzle with chance of showers”.) I’ll stop.  I have to collect all of these back out of the yard now – it may rain.

207_365 Guitars

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