“Marking” Really is a Strange Word

Day 218

218a_365 Guitars

Seriously.  I see guitars everywhere.  Thank goodness.  I was getting ready to take the markers back out to the studio (when I get caught up in projects they often migrate back and forth between the studio and the house…) when I saw it…and especially expensive and elegant guitar right there in the markers.  Without uncapping a one.  Very fine.  It was actually better to be doing this in the bar than in the studio – in studio I wouldn’t have had a handy shot glass and  a wine glass to build around…

218_365 Guitars

It is true.  I think you can take almost any word and if you stare at it long enough trying to avoid the most obvious puns that the word eventually becomes almost alien.  Most words with a ‘k’ in them will do that to me anyway, and maybe it’s just because trying to title this without some pathetic pun is difficult for me this morning…it is odd.


  1. That alien word thing is so bizarre, isn’t it? I think it must be practice for dementia where we know we’ve seen this thing before but can’t place it.

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