Day 219

I read a book several years ago dealing with “cultural ignorance” that wound up making me afraid that as I get older I would be losing touch with  cultural norms within my own society.  I didn’t realize at the time that I might look upon that as a good thing.  But as a result of a fear of being left behind, there are moments when I just go ahead and jump in after two or three seasons of a television show and watch it to find out what the discussion is all about.  OK, not every tv show.  I still really can’t see myself spending much time with Big Brother or that other, Lord of the Flies one, the name of which escapes me and is not worth pursuing.

However, when I read about a Duck Dynasty themed wedding, I broke down.  I had to understand this thing.  I watched it, and I do understand this thing.  I know way too many people who have owned Duck Commander calls for far too many years, and for whom a “seasonal wardrobe” is an assortment of camo colors.

Listen, when I first moved to the Eastern Shore, I went to a public library showing of children’s art.  You know the kind – essay written in crayon under an illustration, also in crayon?  The theme was “The Four Seasons.”  I wandered from one charming, but standard, Princess Summerfallwinterspring drawing to another until I came to the one that really placed me where I had chosen to live.  I wish I’d stolen it right off the wall.  I would not have been proud of that, but I would have loved to have had the essay titled:  Name the Four Seasons.  It read, and I quote:  “1.  Duck Season  2.  Fishing Season  3.  Deer Season  4.  Crab Season”

And Willie?  When building something for a wedding, use WHITE zip ties for goodness sake…  219_365 Guitars


  1. Spin: with age, you don’t lose touch with the culture, you build enough culture around you that mainstream culture is just spice.

    Whatever your actual age, you have a youthful, joyful, prone-to-wonder spirit … or that’s how it comes across on this blog.

    • Thank you…I am prone enough to wonder that I leave others wondering…and I rank that as a very good thing, most days. However, it is difficult to judge age by the speed of changes in cultural iconography…or does it actually place me in an age to say that everything moves faster than it used to…???

      • Am I fair judge of whether the world is speeding up? I’m somewhere in that aging process, too. It seems odd that, once upon a time, if I wanted to investigate something, I might have to wait a whole day, minimum, to get to the library while now I just do the same thing while walking down the hall. I guess that’s faster.

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