Office Wars

Day 222

Maybe it is because I’m tired, and I’m doing this at the end of the day instead of the beginning – but somehow, paper clips in a guitar about 4″ long has posed a larger logistical problem than some much larger…

I am building today’s guitar the night before.  I know that when I roll out of bed to head to the airport tomorrow morning that there will be little time for posting, let alone locating a guitar.  On the one hand, I am pleased to see that I can come up with a guitar from where I am chained to my desk, but I am surprised by how  my finer motor skills seem to have headed upstairs and gone to bed ahead of me this way.  The rest of me needs to follow – chances are, these papers will all still need doing once I get back tomorrow.  Oh yes, they will.  If it is an office war, the office is winning – at least for now.  222_365 Guitars

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