Enter the French

Day 225

I don’t know why I am having such trouble writing this morning.  I am trying to strike the right chord that lands somewhere between grateful and amused – but then, all things considered, I am so grateful to be amused that there should be no distinction.  So today, a French guitar representing precious space in baggage, A variety of tapenade arranged in an artist’s palette (how cool!) Navettes – a kind of handmade cookie – and a toque for David, appropriately representing le fromage.  My friends are very funny…and very, very thoughtful.  It is heartwarming to think of being thought of (now there is a weird construction) from so far across the globe.  My various family members always remain close in my heart, but I guess I don’t focus on a reciprocal arrangement.  What seems appropriate here is one of those large smile icons – but as much as I use them, I don’t really like them.  There should be words for this feeling.  There probably are, but for the moment, the feeling is overwhelming the examination of itself.

225_365 Guitars

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