The Lessons Learned

Day 226

With my visit from my French family coming to a close, I have learned:  that age is not a state of mind, it is a state of siege…we know so much about what might go wrong that we start to barricade ourselves away from potential harm – to the point where we eventually close out life.  I learned this by giving in to the prodding by much younger people to do things I know are dangerous.  I rode a jet ski for the first time, and I allowed myself to be towed around on a float at a very high rate of speed by that same jet ski.  Younger people do not lack the knowledge of the potential dangers, but they tend to focus on the potential for life first.  I’m going to do more of that.  I’ve learned that:  kindness costs nothing and is the best investment in the world.  I have learned that:  no amount of technology will ever replace a hug.  Bite the peach.  Life is sweet.  226_365 Guitars


  1. Other than the jet ski part, I think you secretly knew all that all along. I just have a hunch that you’re wise than you give yourself credit for.

    Also, if you’re biting peaches, it clearly happens either on the backsides of guitars or after disassembly.

    • I had to wait to bite those peaches…I hate waiting 🙂 The jet ski thing? Who is it that said I should do something everyday that scares me? Yesterday, I did 🙂 Today is still young…

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