So Much Here – Too Hard to Choose

Day 230

230c_365 Guitars

It kind of feels like fall – and there is evidence that fall is coming, and yet, because it is a delicious day and the end of August, there is a certain desire to cling to summer.  I do not know why this is.  I don’t like dealing with the triple H threat of a Maryland summer – heat, humidity and haze – but on the other hand, I don’t move away either, so I deal with it somehow.  What is really happening, though, is that time is inexorably moving into my favorite time of year, and as I mark each day, it has never been more obviously defined.  The transition is happening at exactly the right pace, but I am savoring more, I think.

So I went for a walk.  The sun was rising and the world was a great surprise – as it is every morning, really.  But there just seemed to be so much going on.  I opened the front door to another reminder of France – Cigale!  I have one in the house that was a gift from my French family in the south – that one hangs on my wall.  The real one is hanging on my front door as though he is a similar decoration…

230f_365 Guitars230d_365 Guitars

And there was still a walk to take and a guitar to make (ha!)

I have sawtooth oaks planted down my driveway.  They are amazingly prolific acorn producers, much to the delight of the wild beasts – deer, turkeys, squirrels and chipmunks.   The nuts are not ripe yet – they are a couple of months from it, but as ‘mighty oaks from acorns grow,’ the mighty acorn has to start somewhere.  Right now they are encased in soft green jackets that effectively protect them as they form.  Though later, when the nuts are ripe and the driveway is covered with the hulls, they are brittle and stiff, for now, they are soft and quite wonderful to the touch.  Their tangled nature makes for a guitar that holds together quite well, laying out in the driveway as it is…

230b_365 Guitars 230a_365 Guitars 230_365 Guitars

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