Under the Beech

Day 233

233a_365 GuitarsIt is time to stop going barefooted around the farm.  Beechnuts are the three cornered tack of the nut world, and their spiked hulls, broken into three bits are no better – regardless of how toughened your feet may have gotten over the course of the summer.  And the beech nuts (right on time, I might add) have started to fall.  By the millions. The hulls share some qualities with burrs and stick to dog coats and pant legs and almost any vehicle that will carry them through the porch and into the house – where they defy vacuuming.  Not one of the things you will see on FaceBook listed as “Amazing Nature” but pretty amazing, in spite.  Stick to a silk blouse, yes, maybe.  Be drawn in by a beater bar and tornadic suction?  Not a chance.

233_365 Guitars

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