Morning Glory

234a_365 Guitars

Day 234

My companion on this morning’s walk thought perhaps I should be looking in the drainage ditch for guitars today – or perhaps looking at vegetal matter just bores him so he thought he’d see if he could raise some chipmunks…but in any event it was fun to have him along on the search.  A little difficult when it came to assembly and getting an image – he likes to be involved in those design decisions as well.234b_365 Guitars

As many times as I’ve seen the morning glories in bloom on the roadside, I don’t think I’ve ever actually noticed the little white ones.  I don’t know if this is a different variety, or if these small blooms grow up to be larger, bluer ones, but they are quite sweet as they are.  I have to say that they look quite fully formed – it appears that I’m heading to the books to look them up – in awhile…

234_365 Guitars

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